Freelancing refers to any kind of either part time or full time job career on a contractual basis where the employee is an independent contractor serving as a consultant to an employer. Here  Freelancer has the ability to execute various tasks over the time either for an individual/ employer or more for a fee without having an official staff status. Freelance meaning when an individual is self employed and not restricted by organizational service rules and regulations. So, anyone who dream for a challenging career with enormous freedom can look for such profession. Moreover, it invites to perform tasks on one’s own and the unique procedure of doing the job is called freelancing.  

There is a book of Skillcrush for free download, The Ultimate Guide to Going Freelance which would obviously provide a close insight on freelance mindset and technical skills required for freelance jobs. However, best freelance websites are Upwork, Toptal,Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, 99designs, Peopleperhour, Freelance Writing Gigs, Demand Media, College Recruiter, iFreelance and SimplyHired. Moreover, top freelance sites enable to choose marketplace as per own choice and supremacy over other through demonstrating technical expertise.

In the year 2012, a survey was conducted by formerly Elance (Now Upwork) which indicated freelancing was the sole source of income for 48% respondents and among them 69% had a bachelors degree.

Freelancer login could be made through either facebook or by creating a new account, Login| Freelancer. On the other hand, Freelancers Union is the largest and speedy-growing organization which represents 57 million independent active workers across the country. It provides 375,000+ members a powerful voice through policy advocacy, benefits, and community. Membership is free and open to freelancers of all kinds, from graphic designers to contractors to entrepreneurs to moonlighters. Since the inception, freelancers union has fought for and won protections for freelance workers, including unincorporated business tax reform and successfully advocating for new models for health care.

Things to consider

Choose a Niche: A freelancer needs to become more strategic about the types of work he/she does and the clients are dealt with. There was a long debate whether it is better to be a Generalist or Specialist Freelance Writer? Freelance marketplace always seeks an expert in a specific field and experts can charge more money for their specialized services.

Get a clearer view on service offers: The services which are being offered needs to be specified. It would not only brand oneself but also control over potential clients. If anyone want to focus on becoming a sought after, highly paid , then he/she shouldn’t even consider contract offers for customizing WordPress themes/designing the user experience for an upcoming apps.

Defining about ideal client: It is highly required to develop a clear picture of who you’re going to work best with. However, the necessity to build websites for small business owners should be evaluated. Moreover, it is needed to rethink whether new feature development for high growth technology startups, or take on longer-term contracts with enterprise-sized companies. Furthermore, it needs to make a clear distinction between who and what type of business a freelancer is targeting which will be essential to effectively pitching your services

Create a High Quality Portfolio in freelance marketplace: The best way to demonstrate freelancing jobs is to have technical skills (freelancing programming, freelance writing or freelancing graphic designer skills) is by having . The prime purpose of such portfolio is to educate, increase interest and convince potential clients so that they hire those who have abundance with technical skills for freelancing online jobs.

Start freelancing before leaving any job: In addition to creating a high-quality portfolio to best freelancing sites, it would be worth to have a few steady freelance clients in hand while starting a freelance business before axing main income.

Level up own skills: It is always the case that highly trained freelancers can be paid better whether part time or full time and truly work from home. However, freelancing online jobs requires impressive skills that are in high demand.

Build the credibility: There are different ways to build your credibility within freelance marketplace. In addition to creating high quality blog content and collaborating with notable influences, a freelancer can contribute through writing an eBook, line up speaking engagements and create an online course and thus elevate visibility.

Determine about pricing: While deciding how much to charge for freelance services is a major step toward determining perceived value, it is highly recommended to make sure that charging to sufficient for the service in order to make a sustainable and comfortable living.

Leverage own network for beginning: It has been identified that one of the most effective ways to land higher quality and better paying freelance work is through leveraging  one’s  accessible networks. To access freelance union network, there is a free eBook of Skill-crush, The Ultimate Guide to Non Sleazy Networking!)

Blog Frequently: Introducing high quality blog content would place a freelancer a stand out expert within own field. It would be worth to create one or two in-depth blog posts per month and potential clients may be searching such thing. Online free course on profitable business could be found in best side business ideas.

Guest post on relevant industry blogs/ publications: One of the most effective way to increase one’s online visibility is through blogs and publications where most of the times are being spent by prospective customers. Marketing legend of all times Neil Patel has shared about a significant number of contracts he lands for his business by publishing over 100 guest posts per year.

How freelancing is advantageous:

Freedom: Abundance of freedom to choose type of work, projects or people. Moreover, option to turn down projects with less interest and drop slow-paying clients or project which has high maintenance issue.

Work life balance: Freelance jobs enable oneself to work from home which strengthens deserving work-life balance. Moreover, it enables to spend quite sometimes in companion with children, friends or whatever desired.

Autonomy: Freelancers are free which does not require accountability other than own clients and operate own business without any interruption. Also, able to take day off for own interest.

Higher salary with reasonable expenses: Based on expertise and demand, a freelancer can bring change in hourly rate so that one can manage livelihood as per need.

Opportunity to gain experience from other areas: A freelancer can gain knowledge from various areas (other than freelancing like administrator, project manager etc) in order to elevate portfolio which has a long term positive impact.

Always in driving seat: Those who hold freelancer jobs are the supreme authority in freelance marketplace and free to take any decision independently.

Flexible workingOne can choose for whom to work and how to work part time or full time and obviously work from home.

Scope to prove supremacy: There is every scope prove oneself in freelance marketplace. Moreover, it would provide equal opportunity to both freelancer and employer to prove them before going for any type of employment contract.

Easy to start: This is time to start this unique profession. If a freelancer has LinkedIn profile, he/she can easily get clients. Anyone can find Freelancing jobs online for all the times.

Steps towards freelancing career:

  •  Set target goals which would provide access to succeed in freelancing career
  •  Selection of a money-making niche which could be like graphic design, web design, digital marketingsocial media marketing and SEO to           flourish in this profession
  •  Identification of embattled clients so that various tasks are performed orderly
  • Determination of strategic price for the services so that clients are within close contacts in the long run
  • Creating a High-Quality Portfolio Website which can continue the trend to attract more traffic/clients
  • Set examples of how best one can deliver
  • Before selecting first client, think twice
  • While forming contents, try to mention who are potentials
  • The great art of pitch oneself
  • Mixing day job priorities cannot be jeopardized with freelancing jobs
  • Trust on his/her own is crucial

  Top 15 Tips for Beginners 

  1. Identification of skills as first priority: Identify own strength and expertise. However skills like website design, log design and writing have top demanding for all times. A freelancer should choose particular skill that would be worth for earning and maintain livelihood. An expert cook cannot cook for others online but can come up with recopies. So, here skills would be writing and experience would be better cooking.
  1. Selection of selective freelancing websites to show case skill set: For the new starter, full dependency on a particular website would be risky. It is recommended to choose at least 2-3 freelancing websites to make a comparison on which one brings more money to survive. Websites which are very old would have high competition so, it’s better to avoid. High paying sites may be considered as freelancing sites take 15-20% commission from each order. So, we need to be calculative while fixing the rate.
  1. Creating of an account with each of the freelancing websites: Creating an account is required. Some freelancers have more than one account for the same website. This is not a good sign which may have negative impact for an individual. However, approval procedure is very simple but many sites validate documents like bank statement or address proof.
  1. Identify payment method: Identification of payment method is very crucial as it ensures that a freelancer is paid properly. Payment method may be identified even before starting any order. Clients could be different countries like USA/Canada/UK and in that case, we can use PayPal as the best option. Payment gateway for Indian clients would be Instamojo instead of PayPal. Account opening with them is easier. However, payments are intimated very quickly. Anyone who want to open an account with Instamojo could be reached through.
  1. Keep updated profile in hand: All skills, expertise, language ability should be properly articulated to impress a client which helps to get more orders.
  1. After getting approval, inclusion of profile is required. Violation of any terms and condition (such as illegal content, content of hatred, racial discrimination and gambling) may result into withdrawal/disable the account.
  1. Most crucial part is getting traffic (for example: customers/clients). Whenever own profile is very impressive, customers/clients would automatically approach to the freelancer.
  1. The tricky way to start is economical (reasonable) charging at the beginning which would encourage clients for more orders.
  1. Since most of the freelancing sites have Escrow system that means the buyer/customer payment is under their safe custody and would be delivered upon satisfactory delivery. It may take 1 to 2 weeks to get the charges for the service. 
  1. On time delivery is the key to satisfy clients that would be reflected through freelancer profile as well. However, it produces an image and individual branding to be considered by other clients. Moreover, client’s satisfaction is a key for long term career progression in this industry.
  2. While considering different projects, decide on whether any project is worth for completion. There might be tight situation with huge workload, so it would be better to think twice with a conscious decision for future wellbeing.
  3. By using contract on each project would not only protect a freelancer but also helpful to inform the client how the work is done.
  4. Focusing on every types of job would not be a good idea rather it is better to pick one /two in which a freelancer is specialized in. It would enrich portfolio which would ultimately drive traffic for all the times.
  5. Continuous writing is the most rewarding part for a freelancer to reach next level and individual growth would fully depend on this. Freelance writing jobs are dominating everywhere (e;g- Blog post, email to clients, newsletter, book, video and so on).
  6. The idea to split income would be a good idea. Right from the beginning if we split this finance into business related expenses, taxes, savings and finally livelihood- it is expected that everything would run in a better way.

Freelancing is considered as one of the challenging career nowadays. If anyone is committed and hardworking, it would be a never-ending career with absolute freedom. In this 21st century where global community is already accustomed with implementing IT everything, the world would continue to face ongoing need for human capital of this profession. It would be a blessed opportunity for this community round the globe. This is time when we can acquire knowledge about freelance meaning, how to get a freelance jobs, top freelance sites, freelance marketplace and freelancer app through online resources which is within our reach as well. In fine, we can say that freelancing is a exciting career considering all sorts of glowing prospect for all times. There is a very popular book on Freelancing which could be taken into account to get more ideas,The Wealthy Freelancer by Steve Slaunwhe.


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